Auto Special Finance Leads

We have over 22 years experience supplying Auto Special Finance Leads Lists and are the number 1 trusted source in the subprime/bankruptcy discharge leads list generation industry. We provide our customers a cost effective lead source, giving a high return on investment; all the while with reliable service.

Our Pricing for Auto Special Finance Leads Lists

RED-INK provides monthly and annual subscriptions to keep your bankruptcy lead list constantly updated with new and valuable leads. Click below to get sign-up and receive your first lead list via email.

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Bankruptcy Leads For Auto-Dealers

Benefits of using RED-INK

Five Top Reason To Use RED-INK:

Grow Your Revenue

Bankruptcy lists will bring you motivated local customers, week in, week out; your LEAD MACHINE can be automated while making your marketing dollars go further.

Timely Touch

Timing is everything; not just for engines, but marketing too!

Why buy 10,000 bankruptcy leads when the majority will be so old as to be ineffective?   Statistics show 37% will have purchased car within 30 days of discharge.  You should make contact ASAP.


Weekly lead delivery provides you with maximum market penetration, with minimal strain on your resources.


You are only paying for relevant, local, current records.

Marketing Strategies

We provide our clients with tips & tricks.  Sample mailers and Turn-Key direct mail strategies


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many leads do we get?

A:  Numbers can vary depending on the court, chapter, time of year, holidays, etc.  Many major metropolitan courts may have 100 or more chapter 7 filings weekly.  Smaller demographic areas may receive considerably fewer.  However you will receive all records for your chosen court area.  And keep in mind it only takes one to make a lucrative sale for you.

Q: How and when do I get the leads?

A.  You will receive your RED-INK Report every Monday, containing the previous weeks court activity.

The report is delivered via email, in your choice of format; most folks choose the csv spread sheet format so they can mail merge.

Q: What do I get?

A:  All you need to conduct an effective direct-mail campaign.  You will receive ALL the records filed the previous week, matching your chosen parameters.

Report consists of:

  • bankruptcy court/city
  • county/state
  • chapter
  • date filed
  • discharge date if applicable
  • dismiss date if applicable
  • full name and mailing address
  • case number
Q: Am I obligated to a long-term subscription?

A: No.  There is only a four week minimum order.

Q: Are bulk lists available?

A: Yes.  Contact us directly for a bulk list quote.

Products & Services

We provide bankruptcy data.

Chapter Options

You choose from any bankruptcy chapter, e.g. 7, 13, 11, or any other.

You choose fresh filings, fresh discharge, or seasoned reports; you select the duration.

Use Cases

The data can be used as sales leads by car dealers, mortgage brokers, and other big ticket items, as well as furniture rental, cell phone companies, etc.

Other parties of interest could be offering services such as real estate brokers, “We buy houses” people, etc.

We also can provide creditor information that can be used in various ways.

Any other questions, just give us a call. 

We are here to help.