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Weekly delivery of all Virginia business bankruptcy filings.
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Save businesses, save jobs.

You can now identify distressed businesses, and communication channels efficiently with opportunities to possibly purchase businesses and/or assets.

Buying a broken business can be a diamond in the rough. In some cases the entity itself may be a fundamentally sound business. Perhaps it is only a victim of circumstance(s).

Designed to ease some of the burdens of identifying opportunities that can be found in bankruptcy court, you can be alerted every week to new business filings.

Basic Report

The BASIC Report, in a glance will show you; who, what, where, and when, a case was filed.

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Detailed Report

The DETAILED Report will lead you to the parties of interest and decision makers; e.g. debtors, attorneys, trustees, creditors, etc. Depending on your area of interest, this information can be a real treasure trove, where often one lead will take you to another. For example creditors; most often don’t want to be burdened with physical assets. They want CASH. And often are willing to sell their interest at discounted price.

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At this time, the Business Bankruptcy Alerts are only available for the state of Virginia; soon to be nationwide. However, in the interim we will try to honor special state requests. And currently, very basic chapter 11 filings are available through our Consumer section. Look on right side of screen to “Choose your state”.

March 23rd, 2020: Read about the newly enacted Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019; also known as “Subchapter 5”.